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Management Company Asia

Branch of Phoenix Hotel Management

Phoenix Hotel Management Company (Phoenix HMC) is an expert management and consulting company for the luxury hotel industry. It offers independent hotel establishments, not affiliated to groups, exceptional know-how, an unparalleled level of excellence and better economic performance, grace to the management and management methods developed by its team of experts.

After more than 12 years of activity, its founder Thierry Naidu has decided to continue its development in Asia by creating a subsidiary in Thailand for the Asian market.


Phoenix Management Company Asia (Phoenix MCA)

He entrusted the foundation and general management to his long-time friend, Mr. Stephan Chaline, with whom he has worked in the five-star luxury hotel industry for more than 30 years, and who notably assisted him during the creation of Phoenix HMC

Resident for almost a decade in Asia and a great expert of Koh Samui, Stephan Chaline has surrounded himself with the best specialists in the fields of management, marketing, general and digital communication, finance, human resources and legal. And also benefits from the support of Phoenix HMC

The objective of Phoenix MCA is to highlight an original style and a unique personality based on a concept or theme that will distinguish the establishments, for which it is responsible or the mandate, from their competitors. This will thus allow them to be part of a dynamic of economic and financial growth in order to ensure their sustainability
distinguera les établissements, dont elle a la charge ou le mandat, de leurs concurrents. Cela permettra ainsi de les inscrire dans une dynamique de
croissance économique et financière afin d’en assurer la pérennité

Aware of the particular situation facing the hotel market, Phoenix MCA has developed a PPF (Past, Present, Future) relaunch concept in order to offer its customers an efficient and prosperous stop-and-go



Phoenix MCA provides all the services necessary for good governance of hotel establishment, restoration and Wellness Spa


Analyzes and recommendations


Planning, organizing, controlling and achieve objectives


Temporary adventure with the aim of creating a unique product or service


Give new impetus, a new boost to economic activity


Phoenix MCA can be called upon for any type of analysis, whether in strategy, human resources, marketing, logistics, creation methods, financial management, information systems, etc.


Phoenix MCA has a perfect command of all the organizational techniques and resources that must be implemented for the full administration of an establishment. These resources can be financial, human, material or other


Phoenix MCA has all the tools, techniques and methods that allow to lead, coordinate and harmonize the various tasks carried out within the framework of the project, so that it meets the explicit and implicit needs for which it was undertaken.


Phoenix MCA is able to organize and plan the essential operations of your recovery business, including administrative management, marketing needs, risk management and customer outreach