Knowledge is the light of
the mind

Pierre Larousse

Management X.0

There are different types of management, Phoenix MCA has developed its own management style based on management 3.0 but adapted to the requirements of "Boutique-Hotel" and to the particular Asian mentality. 


An inspiring management style, based on communication, openness and respect


Leadership and motivation of teams based on sharing and involvement by leveraging each other's strengths


Visionary, authentic and unifying with natural leadership based on performance and team spirit


Our Management X.0 allows employees to better understand each other and collaborate better. It gives meaning to work and promotes the commitment of all. Ultimately, this makes the team more responsive and efficient


Phoenix MCA makes its network available to its customers, it is a powerful tool and a great ally. Networking is a real relational "marketing" strategy

Address Book

Establishment, development and maintenance of an international address book of the major players in exclusive tourism, this for several decades

Happy Few

Privileged and personal contacts with the "members" of the address book


Development of a network of suppliers and service providers spreading to the most demanding requirements of Phoenix MCA

Happy Few

Privileged and personal contacts with the "members" of the address book

Union Phoenix

Close partnership with Phoenix HMC


For Phoenix MCA, five-star boutique hotels are part of a special universe
where priority is given to well-being, happiness and emotion

Phoenix MCA

Fully masters all the essential vectors of internal and external communication

Phoenix MCA

Specializes in digital communication


Perfect knowledge of the five-star hotel and restaurant trades


Culture of know-how and interpersonal skills of excellence at all business or hierarchical levels


Offer an honest, pragmatic and objective view of the establishment's situation


In the field of communication and in that of management, there are two styles of communication: external communication and internal communication. Both communications are equally important

Phoenix MCA

Fully masters all the essential vectors of internal and external communication

Phoenix MCA

Specializes in digital communication


The role of external communication is fundamental for image and reputation, because it is through its actions that partners, customers and prospects form their opinions


There are multiple channels: public relations, press, events, sponsorship, website, e-communication, advertising, promotion, etc.


Communication is an essential link. The success of the project depends on the development of a communication strategy to be sure to reach the target


Phoenix MCA offers the complex set of methodologies and processes to create, communicate, deliver and exchange the offers that are of value to customers and partners. This allows companies, including Phoenix MCA, to compete and remain competitive in a dynamic competitive environment.

Present in Asia and more specifically in Thailand for 10 years Perfect knowledge of the international high-end hotel market Specializes in the Thai, Asian and Oceanic tourist market

Global network of agencies specializing in exclusive tourism Affiliated with Privileged relationship with the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) of Koh Samui

Implementation of digital marketing and communication campaign Participation in hotel fairs reserved for professionals


Phoenix MCA est consciente du rôle central qu’occupe aujourd’hui la communication numérique dans le domaine de la communication globale et le marketing 


The magic of digital communication is that it is accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year, regardless of the user's geographic location.


It allows you to target new customers, detect leads and thus differentiate yourself from the competition thanks to a tailor-made strategy. International openness is made easier and increased visibility improves your notoriety

Digital communication

It is the essential tool for the reputation and prosperity of companiesThe health crisis that the world has known only reinforces the need for this type of communication.New modes and habits of consumption, information needs and ways of working have been born or have been considerably reinforced.


Phoenix MCA believes that training is the keystone in the development of a company's performance. The accumulated knowledge, whether acquired through continuing vocational training or through experimentation, has become strategic resources and the real capital of companies

The knowledge

Transmission of know-how and know-how to teams in order to offer customers unparalleled quality service


Transmit the passion, nobility and love of the hotel and restaurant professions


The knowledge that we have received is a living "material" which is enriched by the experience of each custodian, not to retransmit it, it is to break the chain and lose a real business heritage


Hotel customers are becoming more and more sensitive to environmental issues. Phoenix MCA is very sensitive to this and to integrate the notion of eco-responsibility into its management style and therefore encourages good practices in this area.
Phoenix MCA y est très sensible et à intégrer dans son style de management la notion d’écoresponsabilité et de ce fait encourage les bonnes pratiques en la matière


Provide as much as possible locally


Waste sorting and recycling


Save water and energy consumption


Motivate all teams in environmental issues